Our Policy


Illinois Notary Publics are NOT licensed to practice law,

and cannot accept fees for giving legal advice.

A Notary for The State of Illinois is a Public Signing Agent and NOT a Legal Representative.  We do NOT provide any legal advice. No opinion regarding any document’s content can or will be provided. We are expressly present to verify that the signer’s identification is true and the signer understands the document which they are signing, we do not discuss the document’s content.

There may be NO blank spaces on any form / document, which we are requested to notarize a signature on. Further ALL signings MUST be made in our presence AFTER positive identification is presented. DO NOT EVER sign anything before we arrive. All signings must be done by a person competent enough in our estimation, to understand the document or form, that is being signed.

You must have the documents that need to be notarized as we do not prepare documentation for you unless it is a Loan Closing, Refinance or HELOC.

The individuals signing the documents must appear before the notary at the time of notarization. You must have a valid Drivers License, State I.D or Passport. We will not notarize without proper identification. We complete document signings in the state of Illinois.

We require FULL payment up-front to schedule the appointment and cover time and travel expenses to the appointment.  All payments are FINAL, and no refunds will be given for missed appointments by the customer, or if there is a reschedule required by the customer unless approved by the management at Fast Mobile Notary Services.

You must notify Fast Mobile Notary Services or the Notary that provided the service via Phone Call or E-Mail of any error made on behalf of the Notary within a 24-Hour period in order to receive a payment-free follow-up to correct said errors. Failure to notify the Notary of any error within the 24-Hour period will void the payment-free follow-up, and half the total amount initially charged will be required to revisit and the fix error(s). Documentation printed improperly by the client, even if notarized by one of our Notaries, will not justify a payment-free follow-up even within the first 24-Hours after the service is provided; a follow-up fee for half the initial total amount however, will be justified because we wish to provide the a great customer experience.

Prices include travel from the business location (Oak Park, IL – 60302). If more than 50 miles of mileage is required (from Oak Park, IL – 60302) to arrive at your location, please call for a quote.

Prices are subject to change at the Notaries discretion based on location, special requests, after-hour appointments, holidays, and per-hour-services. Your total amount for the service that will be provided will be stated prior to the arrival of the Notary. You must agree prior to the notarization of your documents or prior to the notaries arrival (via Call, Text, or E-Mail) to pay the total after the service is provided prior to the service being provided to avoid financial disputes.

If you pay online for your appointment but choose to cancel before the service is provided and the notary has departed the office, you will only be refunded half your amount due to PayPal transaction costs. If the Notary travels to your location but you cancel, nothing will be refunded, and the fees will be used to cover the Notaries travel expenses. A partial half credit may be assigned for a future notary service, but only at the discretion of management.  If you request a refund LESS than 24 Hours BEFORE the Notary has traveled to your location, and you have already paid the Notary, you are only entitled to half the amount. Keep in mind your refund may take some time process, as we want to be refunded electronically.  We provide electronic and paper receipts.


Thanks for following these important procedures, as they are in place for YOUR protection and are declared by the laws of The State of Illinois .